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Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Unplanned events such as the COVID-19 has exposed businesses to a blind-spot. Most businesses that are not operating a cloud based solution are at a risk of working in the dark, ignoring it could cost you real-time accountability in your business. To work smartly and put your business at a valued advantage, now is the best time to invest in a cloud solution and migrate your various application to a secure hosting platform that can put your business continuity concerns at ease and enable you work from anywhere.

In this pandemic, businesses are finding it hard to cope with finance, cash flow, payroll, human resource, reporting and analytics; most importantly, the ability to work from anywhere and ensure social distancing. Migrating your software to our secure hosting environment, provides you with the same experience and full functionality you’re already used to, but with the added benefits that come only with being hosted in the cloud.

  • Flexibility and Mobility - Work from anywhere on smart devices

  • Continuity - Taking you to the future and smartest way to work

  • Cost Reduction - Reduce on premise IT infrastructure

  • Scalability - Easy to scale up, while growing with your business

  • Security - Data is secure, with no risk of loosing Data or intrusion

  • Reliability - Data is Safe

  • Time Management - Faster recovery time and increased performance

  • Accessibility - Easy access to data to make quick informed decisions

  • Competitive Edge - Your business should be on top, adopt the new smart and migrate NOW.

AGL Consulting Limited can deploy your choice of Sage software and help you employ stronger physical security measures with its facilities to ensure data safety. We are equipped to prevent data loss and ensure your business continuity during this pandemic and beyond.

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