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Cloud Hosting


Get a secured, global, high-performance, cost effective and constantly improving IT infrastructure to enhance your business productivity.

Our Cloud Hosting Solutions is focused on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider; managing your enterprise infrastructure, provisioning servers and network configuration. We supply access to our shared data center, giving you the reliability, redundancy, and security of a global enterprise data center network. This saves you time and money, because you don’t need to purchase and set up servers from scratch, and you pay only for the resources you consume. These services are particularly cost-effective for short-term projects, but they also deliver scalable, on-demand resources. 

Our Strategy
  • Resources are distributed as a service 
  • Allows for dynamic scaling 
  • Usage of an utility pricing model based on variable cost
  • Generally includes multiple users on a single piece of hardware
Let us worry about the cloud and your data, so you can focus on running your business. You don’t have the time to worry about infrastructure details or managing everything. AGL has a team of Consultants who will take care of every last detail to make sure your cloud is right for your business. 

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