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Sage 200 Evolution 


Get back to basics with a smart accounting solution for your business. 
Are you finding it difficult to get an integrated and holistic view of your business? If so, it is time to revolutionize the way you do business with
Sage 200 Evolution. By bringing all the aspects of your operating environment together, Sage 200 Evolution (Formerly known as Sage Pastel Evolution) is a Business Management Solution that gives you the ability to control your financial situation as well as your relationships with your customers, suppliers and employees.

Key Features

Fully Integrated Business Management Application

Sage 200 Evolution is built with a wide range of features and functionality, complemented with a number of add-on modules allowing the solution to be a scalable, flexible and a robust management tool for a growing business. 

Ease of Use

Sage 200 Evolution has an in-depth understanding of what makes software usable and flexible. It is both intuitive and easy to implement or use.

Specialized modules for industry specific requirements

Sage 200 Evolution has a range of add-on modules that cater for industry specific needs. The modules seamlessly integrate with the core financials, are cost-effective and can be rapidly deployed.

Simplified Reporting

Sage 200 Evolution Intelligence Reporting allows you to manipulate data in any way you need.​ Breakdown data through “what-if” scenarios enabling you to run ideas through your financials.

Improve and Enhance Customer and Supplier Relations

Sage 200 Evolution gives your business the competitive edge. It is a very powerful tool that allows you to track, analyze and manage customer and supplier interactions within your business, allowing you to be proactive in meeting and exceeding their demands.

Increased Productivity

Use Sage 200 Evolution's unique Business Activity functionality to set and manage employee tasks and productivity. View graphical representations of which activities have been closed and which are still open.

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