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Sage VIP Premier

Sage VIP Premier

Sage VIP Premier is designed to manage your payroll safely and effectively, giving you the freedom to focus on what’s really important – being more productive and profitable. It also gives you the flexibility and range of applications to control every aspect of your payroll, while keeping you in line with legislative guidelines.


Sage VIP Premier allows you to add modules and combine functions to expand its capabilities. It can be adapted to fit your requirements no matter how fast your business grows.

Key Features

Ease of use

  • Faster, easier processing through our real-time design

  • The ability to implement “what if” scenarios without having to do a pay run

  • Color-coded mandatory fields that make it extra easy to add new employees

  • Help functions for easy table lookup

  • Print history pay slips and reports


Smooth capturing of employee information

  • You can link employees to departments, pay points, projects, sites, cost centers, etc., for costing purposes.

  • Payment facility that lets you select the payment method and do electronic submissions

  • You can make electronic payments to third parties 

  • You can make payments in local currency e.g. US Dollars or Nigerian Naira.

  • You can define the language in which you print pay slips

  • Attach photographs to employee records

  • You can record benefit details like medical aid, provident fund and pension fund


Convenience of on-screen pay slips

  • An online pay slip screen displays your employees’ earnings, deductions and company contributions

  • Online pay slip capturing or bulk input (batch processing)

  • View the pay slip in real-time and adjust the net salary while you process

  • Do net up calculations with dummy pay slips


User-friendly reporting

  • A powerful, user-friendly report-writing tool

  • Standard reports based on our years of experience in the market

  • Legislative reporting required by local revenue authorities

  • Company-specific reports written especially to suit your business


The Power of Integration

  • Combine Premier Payroll with Premier HR and Premier Employee Self Service (ESS) and you have a fully integrated HR management system

  • Extract reports from multiple sources with the Sage Intelligence Reporting module

  • Integrate with a variety of accounting software and clock-card systems

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