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Project Management

ERP Implementation
We deploy powerful business solutions which will help you achieve your business objectives and improve your organizational goals. With our deep technical expertise in Sage solutions, Certified Business Support Consultants and experience in multiple implementations in various companies across different sectors of business.
Our services include to develop, implement and support the solutions we offer; to ensure products optimization as it relates to your business process; also, projects are delivered within stipulated timeframe. These services during implementation include project plan, design, build, user acceptance test, training, Go-live and post-implementation.
Our Strategy
  • Providing financial and operational management solution for SME's and Enterprise-sized businesses where all processes are clearly defined, implemented and support accordingly using our structured methodology for an efficient and effective use.
  • Using the Waterfall Life Cycle Model for our business management solutions as it is the natural way of project development in an innovative and complex nature.
Our Methodology
  • Using structured procedures from the Requirement and Analysis stages.
  • Create an accurate and clear project timeframe per stage.
  • Document business processes for initial and further testing in the project.
  • Review the project in stages and forecast the holistic end result.
  • Accommodate the necessary changes prior to the next stage.
  • Provide Post implementation Support and Technical Services


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