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What you need to do to be productive @ work...

To increase your productivity, you need to ‘be more productive’ and this means: 1. Get out of your own way Behaviour is said to be self-sabotaging when it creates problems and interferes with long-standing goals. The most common self-sabotaging behaviour at work is Procrastination. Not dealing with procrastination is a clear example of standing in your own way. Nobody else is going to suddenly make it go away; it will be there the next time you attempt to do whatever it is that you are procrastinating. I’m interested in how we act on our intentions, so I focus a great deal of attention on volition. Volition is defined as an act of making a choice or decision. It’s the power of choice or what

Accounting Systems that are Poorly Implemented or Not Updated to Meet Changes in the Organization (E

It starts with the chart of accounts and ends with financial reports. It is very difficult to get good quality financial statements in a meaningful format if the chart of accounts is not properly designed and structured to reflect the true operations of the organization. However, even if the chart of accounts and financial reports are structured properly initially, most organizations change over time and the financial reporting needs to change with it. The primary reason for poorly structured or poorly implemented accounting systems is: An inexperienced internal financial management team, the team may have not done it before and the organization may suffer for that lack of experience. Most o

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