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According to Cohen in his book “How To Make It Big in Consulting”, a consultant is simply anyone who gives advice or performs professional services for compensation.

A Consultant is a Solution Provider and Value Giver. The important thing is to possess the necessary experience, qualifications, skills and expertise to help with the task or duty that an individual or company wants performed. Where the required skill is obtained is not of much importance; the core objective is to deliver on customer’s expectations and deliverables.

This Consulting Practice has definitely been in existence for a long time and will never fade out with the Advent of Technology, Professionals and Solution Providers. The need for Skilled Personnel, Fresh Ideas, Innovative Minds, Improved Sales, Company Politics Workaround, Capital, Government Regulations & Compliance , Maximum Efficiency, Complete Turnaround and most especially, Automation and Effective Processes; are rampant among many rationale individuals, companies, corporations, government agencies, institutions and non-profits, hiring consultants.

Focused on studying the helpful traits of a true consultant, we need to be aware of the aptitude within while we yet consider the vocational directions these longings point to around us. Hence, we can discover, observe, fine-tune, deploy and immensely manage them for personal and global productivity. The Bottom line must be ingrained in our minds as we Get Things Done, Solves Problems and Delivers Results. No more, No Less.

Traits of “A True Consultant”

  • Has a considerable wealth of experiential knowledge in a realm of subject matter. This accumulated deposit provides soundness, confidence and assurance to advise or provide a very befitting solution to a problem, having had full knowledge of varying approaches and solution options.

  • Has learnt by knowledge and numerous life experiences. There is no fear or inhibition to engage or be engaged in matters.

  • Ensures there is No Waste of Resources; Time, Money and Materials.

  • Is not moved by raging symptoms of problems and the seeming madness of emergencies. They are careful to seep through the cacophony of messes and discover the hidden “whys” of the bottlenecks and draw out the unknown “hows” of the processes.

  • Is never hasty in judgments or conclusions. There is an understanding that realities might have shifted, government regulations revised, business models un-befitting, new markets opened, customer expectations raised and industry requirements modernized. Due diligence is done to obtain final recommendations, line of actions and solutions.

  • Is conscious and careful of novel breakthrough ideas and models. There’s need to think through each situation independently and find suitable solution.

  • A genius bestowed by life, service and time who is able to foretell events and circumstances even before they happen.

A Consultant can be meticulous and grandstanding in acquiring an iota of understanding, since they have come to know that, as their life’s value, contribution and legacy. Seeing through an entire gamut of factors that are at work on a problem, matter, subject or opportunity; they seek the good fruits of education, information and consequently, an application product out of such machinery of challenge.

At AGL Consulting Limited, we are confident in giving you the expertise and professionalism required for an effective and efficient deployment of your business management solutions which will help you improve in organizational goals. Our project management services includes planning, implementation, development, integration, testing, training and support; to ensure products optimization as it relates to your business process. Our Projects are delivered within stipulated timeframe.

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