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Inventory Management Process

Inventory Management for every organization is a very sensitive business process. This normally forms a huge working capital of a firm and if not properly managed could result to liquidity and cash flow issues. With the advancement in technology, the use of an accounting software will streamline your business process to ensure an effectively management to a large extent. Accounting software provides robust functionalities that cater for the entire inventory and procurement management process ranging from requisition, request for quote, order management, goods receipts, invoicing and ultimately payment to vendors. Inventory Management and Inventory Valuation can also be set up based on each organization's unique business needs and requirements. As simple as the process seems, doing this manually or finding the right software solution that will incorporate your business processes can be a bit tough. Have you ever considered using Sage software as a viable option? these systems are highly customizable and bring all your workflows under one roof. AGL CONSULTING LIMITED being an authorized Sage business partner helps organizations to ensure better management of key business functions and inadvertently ensures profitability and longevity of the firm through Implementation, Training, Support and other related software and hardware procurement; of the accounting software for various sized organizations across the globe.

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