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DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY – The Transformation of your HR Practices.

According to Jen Schramm (Manager of the Workforce Trends program at SHRM), one of the trending issues on Human Resources Management is stated as thus “The growing importance of “big data” presents human resource practitioners with an opportunity—and puts them under pressure. Business leaders are increasingly demanding that HR professionals, like their colleagues in other functional areas, use metrics and in-depth analysis to both make good decisions and demonstrate the return on investment of key expenditures".

Olivier Blum (Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President, at Schneider Electric), believes that digital technologies not only transforms businesses, but also the HR function. “The power of digital technology and data analytics can help to transform the HR function in decision making and managing a company...”.

Sharing our success story in the deployment of HR software for top organizations in Nigeria and across few West African Countries, we have helped so many HR practitioners embrace the use of digital technology and eradicate the pressure of big data as the company grows. It is one thing to have an HR Software and another to put it into efficient utilization for real-time data processing and attainment of business goals.

AGL Consulting Limited is a Business Management consulting firm focused on providing exceptional and automated solutions such as Human Resources Management, Accounting, Finance Management, Customer Relations Management and much more which is also inclusive of related services and support. Our Business Partners are SAP, Sage, ORACLE, HP, Microsoft...among others.

Our Human Resource Management Software includes but not limited to:

Choose your choice of software as we help you automate your HR Practices.

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