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Sage SkillsMap

Application Tracking System

Let SkillsMap modernise your recruitment processes..

  • Recruitment software that’s easy and simple to use

  • Instant access to a reliable online recruitment platform

  • 3-in-1 tool that targets the right candidates for each position

  • Applicant Tracking System runs the recruitment process for you

With more options to solve your recruitment needs, Sage SkillsMap complements our existing recruitment service. This purpose-built software system allows you to manage the process - faster and at a lower cost. It automatically pre-filters the career profile of each candidate, consolidates data and tracks placements.

Enjoy a Talent Solution

Combine the SkillsMap software solution with the Sage Recruitment service and you have a total talent solution. Sage Recruitment offers you:

  • Placement of permanent personnel

  • Placement of contract personnel

  • Competency-based interviewing of applicants

  • A range of other recruitment services

  • Bulk CV Upload - Manages processing and handling of unsolicited CVs.

  • Wider Advertising of  Job - Provides the ability to advertise on various platforms.

  • Candidate Database - Provides the client with a database of candidates to search from.

  • Automated Filters

  • Dynamic Workflow - Customizable according to your process.

  • CCP Designs

  • Web Based / Cloud Hosted System - You only require an internet connection to operate the system and the client will not require to install IT Infrastructure.

  • Reporting - Various reports are accessible for reporting and tracking purposes

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